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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you remove smoke and other odors?
We pretreat all garments in a ozone chamber. Oxygen (O2) will go into the chamber, then go through an electro static field and turn into ozone (O3). The resulting ozone attacks bacteria, mildew and mold, along with smoke odor. Household laundering doesn’t give the same results as the ozone process along with the commercial detergents.
2. Do you ozone dry cleanable items?
Yes, ramie, rayon, silk and most synthetics are perfect candidates for ozone treatment. Although, polyester is not a natural fiber, and is harder to remove the smoke odor.
3. Is ozone safe?
It is very safe. It is the same as a electrical charge found in lightning, which leaves a fresh smell in the atmosphere. It does the same for garments.
4. Who decides what items are to be restored?
Each job is different, but, usually the drycleaner and the adjuster will determine what is restorable. Damaged items are evaluated for restoration. Recoverable items are taken for the restoration process to begin. Although, sentimental items may be added at the customer’s request.
5. What do you do to restore water damaged articles?
Water damaged articles tend to be mildew, sometimes sewage, usually mold if the moisture isn’t dealt with immediately. The ozone room will be the first procedure. Washable items will be laundered in a fabric safe commercial detergent. The dry cleaning items will be properly cleaned along with using additives to clean the mold and mildew.
6. How long will it take for my clothes to be completed?
With customer assistance they will tell us what they need right away. We call that a Red Bag. Within 2 to 3 days we can have enough clothing to hold them off for a week. The turnaround for the remainder of the items would be one and a half weeks from the time of the initial pickup.
7. Who will store my clothes until I get back into my house?
We will store your clothes up to two months at no charge. If you find that you will be out of your residence for a longer time we do offer storage until you move back in.
We Are IICRC Certified

Fire Damage

WE, Conduct a room by room evaluation garments, draperies and household items are assessed for restoration. (The sooner the articles are removed, the greater the chance for restoration from smoke, oil, protein, etc.)



When choosing any sub-contractors, it is imperative to choose companies that have been established and guarantee results. We have a seasoned process which has been in place for over 20 years that provides fast results.